Final Rankings for 2013


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Final Standings for 2013

When two teams have the same number of points, the tie is broken as follows:
* Head-to-Head (H2H)
* Goal Differential (GD)

GREEN teams will move up a division
RED teams will move down a division

Division 1 Division 2 Division 3
Rank Team W-L-T Pts Pct Team W-L-T Pts Pct Team W-L-T Pts Pct
1 Bears8-0-07897.50   Saturday AM6-1-17188.75   Potty Queens5-1-26885
2 Buxmont (H2H)5-1-26885 Shamrocks6-2-06885 Late Bloomers5-2-16378.75
3 Cougars (H2H)6-2-06885 Running on Empty4-3-15973.75 Bryn Mawr5-2-16277.50
4 Team Philly5-2-16176.25 Panthers4-4-05670 Overcome5-3-05771.25
5 Merdragapods3-5-05062.50 Downtowners4-4-05467.50 Extra Bucks5-3-05568.75
6 Merion CC (H2H)3-5-04455 Just Play (H2H/GD)2-4-25062.50 Chestnuts2-4-25062.50
7 Generics (H2H)2-6-04455 Kenrick Alumnae (H2H/GD)2-4-25062.50 Yankee Doodles4-4-04961.25
8 Upper Perk1-6-14050 Baby Bull's Water Sports (H2H)3-4-15062.50 PBU Stix1-6-13746.25
9 Del Val0-6-23847.50 Nova1-6-13948.75 Where's the Party0-7-12430


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