2018 Spring Schedule


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2018 Spring League at Dock Mennonite Academy

All games will be at Dock Mennonite Academy, 1000 Forty Foot Road, Lansdale on the turf. Lights will go on as it darkens.

No scorecards are required. You can download the schedule here.

Games will be two 25-minute halves, with 5 minute halftime, and 5 minutes between games. Please be prompt - we cannot hold up game times for lateness. Please be courteous to the officials.

Date Time Field 1 Field 2
March 25 5pm Potty Queens vs. Hodgepodge Buxmont 1 vs Bears
  6pm Kenrick vs. Generics Running on Empty vs. Goonies
  7pm Hot Mess vs. Upper Perk Nor'easters vs. Late Bloomers
  8pm Yankee Doodles vs. Overcome Team Philly vs. Buxmont 2
April 8 5pm Team Philly vs. Nor'easters Late Bloomers vs. Potty Queens
  6pm Yankee Doodles vs. Buxmont 2 Hot Mess vs. Overcome
  7pm Bears vs. Running on Empty Hodgepodge vs. Buxmont 1
  8pm Goonies vs. Generics Upper Perk vs. Kenrick
June 17 5pm Hodgepodge vs. Overcome Goonies vs. Kenrick
  6pm Running on Empty vs. Buxmont 2 Yankee Doodles vs. Generics
  7pm Buxmont 1 vs. Nor'easters Upper Perk vs. Potty Queens
  8pm Hot Mess vs. Late Bloomers Team Philly vs. Bears
April 22 5pm Running on Empty vs. Yankee Doodles Hot Mess vs. Hodgepodge
  6pm Team Philly vs. Overcome Nor'easters vs. Bears
  7pm Late Bloomers vs. Generics Kenrick vs. Buxmont 2
  8pm Buxmont 1 vs. Upper Perk Potty Queens vs. Goonies
April 29 5pm Potty Queens vs. Hot Mess Generics vs. Upper Perk
  6pm Team Philly vs. Late Bloomers Hodgepodge vs. Goonies
  7pm Yankee Doodles vs. Bears Overcome vs. Kenrick
  8pm Nor'easters vs. Buxmont 2 Running on Empty vs. Buxmont 1
May 6 5pm Yankee Doodles vs. Goonies Nor'easters vs. Overcome
  6pm Kenrick vs. Late Bloomers Buxmont 2 vs. Bears
  7pm Running on Empty vs. Potty Queens Team Philly vs. Buxmont 1
  8pm Generics vs. Hot Mess Upper Perk vs. Hodgepodge
May 20 5pm Kenrick vs. Nor'easters Buxmont 1 vs. Overcome
  6pm Team Philly vs. Yankee Doodles Upper Perk vs. Bears
  7pm Hot Mess vs. Goonies Potty Queens vs. Generics
  8pm Late Bloomers vs. Running on Empty Buxmont 2 vs. Hodgepodge
June 3 5pm Generics vs. Running on Empty Late Bloomers vs. Buxmont 2
  6pm Potty Queens vs. Buxmont 1 Hot Mess vs. Team Philly
  7pm Hodgepodge vs. Nor'easters Goonies vs. Upper Perk
  8pm Yankee Doodles vs. Kenrick Bears vs. Overcome
June 10 5pm Bears vs. Kenrick Upper Perk vs. Yankee Doodles
  6pm Running on Empty vs. Team Philly Goonies vs. Late Bloomers
  7pm Hodgepodge vs. Generics Buxmont 2 vs. Buxmont 1
  8pm Hot Mess vs. Nor'easters Overcome vs. Potty Queens


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