2022 Fall Schedule

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Division 1


D1 Schedule

Date Time Away Home
Sept 10 9:00am Generics Buxmont
Sept 10 8:00am Bears Merion CC at Ursinus
Sept 10 8:00am Running on Empty Cougars at Christopher Dock
Sept 10 NA Late Bloomers BYE
Sept 17 9:00am Cougars Buxmont
Sept 17 9:00am Generics Late Bloomers
Sept 17 8:00am Running on Empty Bears
Sept 17 NA Merion CC BYE
Sept 24 8:30am Buxmont Running on Empty
Sept 24 9:00am Late Bloomers Cougars
Sept 24 9:00am Merion CC Generics
Sept 24 NA Bears BYE
Oct 1 8:30am Late Bloomers Running on Empty
Oct 29 9:00am Buxmont Merion CC
Oct 1 9:00am Bears Cougars
Oct 1 NA Generics BYE
Oct 8 9:00am Running on Empty Generics
Oct 8 8:00am Buxmont Bears
Oct 8 9:00am Merion CC Late Bloomers
Oct 8 NA Cougars BYE
Oct 15 8:30am Merion CC Running on Empty
Oct 15 9:00am Late Bloomers Bears
Oct 15 9:00am Cougars Generics
Oct 15 NA Buxmont BYE
Oct 22 9:00am Cougars Merion CC
Oct 22 9:00am Late Bloomers Buxmont
Oct 23 8:00am Generics Bears
Oct 22 NA Running on Empty BYE


Division 2


D2 Schedule

Date Time Away Home
Sept 10 9:00am Nova Hodgepodge
Sept 10 9:00am Yankee Doodles Saturday AM
Sept 10 8:00am Nor'easters Kenrick
Sept 10 9:00am Hot Mess Overcome
Sept 17 9:00am Overcome Nova
Sept 17 8:00am Hot Mess Kenrick
Sept 17 7:45am Nor'easters Yankee Doodles
Sept 17 9:00am Hodgepodge Saturday AM
Sept 24 9:00am Yankee Doodles Hodgepodge
Sept 24 9:00am Nor'easters Overcome
Sept 24 9:00am Kenrick Saturday AM
Sept 24 9:00am Nova Hot Mess
Oct 1 7:45am Hot Mess Yankee Doodles
Oct 1 9:00am Hodgepodge Nor'easters at Christopher Dock
Oct 1 9:00am Nova Saturday AM
Oct 1 8:00am Overcome Kenrick
Oct 8 9:00am Nor'easters Nova
Oct 8 9:00am Yankee Doodles Kenrick
Oct 8 9:00am Overcome Hodgepodge
Oct 9 9:00am Saturday AM Hot Mess at Villa Maria
Oct 15 7:45am Overcome Yankee Doodles
Oct 15 9:00am Kenrick Nova
Oct 16 9:00am Saturday AM Nor'easters at Bryn Athyn College
Oct 15 9:00am Hodgepodge Hot Mess
Oct 22 9:00am Yankee Doodles Nova
Oct 22 9:00am Hot Mess Nor'easters at Bryn Athyn College
Oct 22 9:00am Saturday AM Overcome
Oct 22 9:00am Kenrick Hodgepodge


Division 3


D3 Schedule

Date Time Away Home
Sept 10 9:00am Optimist Extra Bucks
Sept 10 9:00am Potty Queens Where's the Party
Sept 10 9:00am Panthers Just Play
Sept 10 8:00am Upper Perk Downtowners
Sept 17 9:00am Just Play Upper Perk
Sept 17 8:00am Extra Bucks Downtowners
Sept 17 9:00am Optimist Potty Queens
Sept 17 9:00am Where's the Party Panthers
Sept 24 9:00am Just Play Where's the Party
Sept 24 9:00am Optimist Panthers
Sept 24 8:00am Potty Queens Downtowners
Sept 24 7:30am Extra Bucks Upper Perk
Oct 1 8:00am Where's the Party Optimist
Oct 1 9:00am Potty Queens Upper Perk
Oct 1 9:00am Downtowners Panthers
Oct 1 9:00am Just Play Extra Bucks
Oct 8 9:00am Optimist Just Play
Oct 8 9:00am Extra Bucks Potty Queens
Oct 8 10:30am Panthers Upper Perk
Oct 8 9:00am Downtowners Where's the Party
Oct 15 8:00am Upper Perk Optimist
Oct 15 9:00am Downtowners Just Play
Oct 15 9:00am Potty Queens Panthers
Oct 15 9:00am Where's the Party Extra Bucks
Oct 22 9:00am Just Play Potty Queens
Oct 22 8:00am Downtowners Optimist
Oct 22 9:00am Upper Perk Where's the Party
Oct 22 9:00am Panthers Extra Bucks